Australian Business Sales Sector Trends: Q3 FY 2023 in Review


As the data from the latest quarter rolls in, we’re seeing consistent trends in the business sales sector. Despite facing three more rate rises during the quarter and the negative news surrounding these events, buyer inquiries remained steady. This is an encouraging sign for business owners and brokers alike. However, I’ve noticed a slight dip […]

10 Steps To A Successful Business Sale

10 Steps To A Successful Business Sale

Selling a business can be a challenging process that many owners will do at some point in their business life. However, selling your business is the final hurdle to getting a large sum payout for all the hard work you’ve put in over the years.  So whether you’re retiring or looking to move on to […]

Why Earnouts Will Give You Your Highest Business Sale Price

Why Earnouts Will Give You Your Highest Business Sale Price Thumbnail

Earnouts are a great way to build confidence, maximise price and reduce buyer risk.  Although often overlooked in smaller transactions, earnouts are becoming increasingly popular in business deals over the one million dollar mark as more people become confident with the process.  Earnouts are the primary tool when the seller and buyer can’t agree on […]

5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get The Price You Want For Your Business

Starting and running a business is a challenging and rewarding endeavour, but achieving the price you want when it comes time to sell can be difficult. Whether you’re looking to sell your business outright or take on a partner, there are several reasons why you may not get the price you’re hoping for.  Here are […]

5 Common Financing Methods In The Market Today (How To Pay For A Business)

When it comes to buying a business, your options to finance the purchase have become far more diverse than ever before.  Although there have always been numerous ways to finance the purchase of a business, the Covid-19 disruption forced sellers to consider alternative payment methods or risk losing suitable buyers. In today’s small business market, […]

How Do I Sell My Business?

A successful sale takes planning, patience and an excellent understanding of the buyer and why the business is precisely what they are looking for.  But before all that, you need to ask yourself, is there anything more you can offer your business before starting the process?  And if you are happy with the prospect of […]

Q3 2022 – Australian Business Sales Market Update

Q3 2022 Marketing Update

Welcome to another quarterly market update.  Read and click through for your free download to see what’s happening in Australia’s small business market. The number of businesses listed has increased from 10,400 in December 2021 to just over 18,000 in September 2022. What’s getting higher multiples? Home Improvement Cafes Service stations Professions Supermarkets Print Rent […]

What Does A Business Broker Do?

What does a business broker do is a common question posed by those new to the world of business sales.  Whether you have been thinking about selling your business or talking with one about purchasing, this article covers what a business broker does and how they can assist the vendor and the buyer when selling […]

The Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Business Broker

What is a Business Broker? A business broker is an agent that usually acts on behalf of the vendor (the seller) and facilitates the exchange of businesses and their assets between two or more parties.  There are many disciplines that a good business broker must be proficient in to successfully sell a business at the […]

Succession Planning

Not to be confused with exit planning, a good succession plan provides a pathway for both a planned and emergency succession for your business. It can stipulate a transfer of ownership and guide who does what for a period of time, helping to minimise disruption to your business if something should happen to you or […]