Achieve the maximum price on your most important asset.

From strategic preparation to effective promotion and expert closing. I deliver results, maximising your sale price.

I sell businesses nationwide with a national network of buyers across Australia and New Zealand.

Achieving the best outcome for you means finding the ideal buyer. Being a member of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers, and having access to a national network of accountants, solicitors, business coaches & finance brokers, allows me to do so on your behalf.

Mick Godwin - BenchMark Business Sales & Valuations

My process for selling your business

Analyse the operations, financials, industry and business performance.

Predict both market value & buyer type to ensure we attract the best buyers. If the price is too high, you lose good buyers. Alternatively, if it’s too low, you leave money on the table.

Educate through a full campaign review to demonstrate where your business sits in the market, why it’s worth what it is and how I’ll achieve the amount I’ve predicted.


10 to 26 weeks

Build the team and create the assets required for listing, including information memorandums, draft contracts, ad copy and business documents.  Your accountant is contacted during this time as well, so we can identify any tax advantages before contract stage.

Launch the campaign across multiple listing platforms. Market across social media & our database of >62,000 registered buyers across the country, to ensure buyers know about your unique opportunity.

Qualify buyers. Every buyer signs a confidentiality agreement and is contacted before any information is sent.


8 to 12 weeks

Coordinate site inspections, information distribution & conversations on your behalf to minimise business disruption. 

Negotiate offers. Focus on sale price, as well as key terms such as handover period, risk protection, lease assignments, financial clauses, and other items particular to your deal.

Close the deal. Supply solicitors with draft contract, ensure all terms are agreed to, conduct due diligence, and project manage entire process through to settlement.

Experience the advantage of working with me

Have access to an extensive network of trusted advisors including accountants, solicitors and commercial finance brokers.
Work alongside Benchmark Business Sales, Australia’s largest brokerage firm, to access the largest buyer database in Australia & New Zealand.
A high degree of financial, technical and operational knowledge in dealing with strategic buyers.
The entire campaign is focused on your goals and your outcome.
Member of Australian Institute of Business Brokers
Highly accredited with an MBA in Business Administration.
Deal directly with me.
Experience in building, growing & selling of my own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business sales are far more complex and confidential than real estate. There are many factors that need to be considered when determining market value of your business; these include:

a. Earnings type
b. Financial performance
c. Growth prospects and historical consistency
d. Systems & processes
e. Employment terms
f. Barriers to entry
g. Customer mix and spread
h. Margins & profitability
i. Contracts, IP and work in progress

To determine the best value approach, a Business Sale Report is required to ensure listing accuracy. The sale report is where you’ll understand how much your business is worth in the current market. 

If we go to market with my Business Sale Report recommendations, you can expect 6 - 12 months to sell a business worth <$2 million, whereas businesses worth $2-5 million take anywhere from 12-24 months.

No. The marketing fee is a one-off investment. If we go to market with my recommendations, I expect to get your business sold with that budget. In the rare case that it hasn’t sold during the listing agreement period, then we continue to market your business at no extra cost to you.

No, there are no guarantees that your business will sell. However, I expect to sell every business listed and do not list a business I do not believe has a high chance of selling. I know from experience that five fundamental principles enable every business to have the highest probability of selling. They are:

a. Setting for the right price, 

b. Ensuring all the necessary information is available from the start,

c. Having your commitment to marketing and advertising the business to a targeted audience,  

d. Having the proper listing authority in place, and

e. Being a proactive broker partnering with a motivated vendor.

The due diligence phase is the opportunity for the buyer to engage their advisors to review all business information and provide advice. It is also at this time the purchasing party connects with the ATO to verify if the stated earnings are the same as what has been reported to the ATO.

All buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving any information. All listings go to market as unbranded, unless instructed otherwise. Initially, only general information is shared. If requested, I can share names of buyers who enquire about your business before sharing any information.

In most cases, you require a Business Sale Report prior to going to market.

Professional guidance to sell your business

From strategic preparation to effective promotion and expert closing. I deliver results, maximising your sale price.