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The final quarter for the 2022 financial year has well and truly passed, and this week’s blog discusses what was trending in Q4 and what’s not.  As Benchmark has provided the data, they have labeled the quarter against the calendar year, so look out for Q2 2022 in the link below.

A couple of points to note about the data.

  1. The data was collected from Benchmark’s own operations and other 3rd party websites between April and June.
  2. In May, the RBA issued its first rate hike for over ten years.
  3. Since May, we’ve seen the most aggressive rate hikes since the inception of the cash rate.
  4. Some businesses booming in March might struggle only a few months later, as people quickly reduce their spending.

Interesting trends in business sales.

  1. Vendors are achieving higher prices for service stations, child care, home improvements, online retail, higher labor, and rent rolls than in the previous quarter.
  2. Buyer demand has also increased for those businesses, plus transport, vegetation management, and medical sectors.
  3. Buyer demand has continued to drop for almost all types of hospitality and food retail business, traditional retail, gyms, and printing.  I can only assume the printing industry was affected by the shift towards online interaction and what that brings.  A reduction of in-person events, an increase in software applications, further removing the need for print and a more significant shift to online marketing.
  4. Most vendors whose businesses have suffered a decrease in demand have also seen decreases in their sale prices.  Hair salons and motel prices have also dropped.

Click this link to view the entire report with state-be-state data and expected market returns for that industry.

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